Cloby develops products for parents and kids that are practical, multifunctional and cool to be seen with. As moms to young kids, we love beautiful things that are at the same time extremely functional. The first products we launch under the Cloby brand are the reversible magnetic swaddle clips and the soft bamboo swaddle. The Cloby swaddle clips offer the solution to a very common problem: swaddles that get lifted off the stroller by the wind. Use our Cloby swaddle clips and Cloby swaddle together and your baby will be protected from wind, sunlight and other distractions.

But you will be surprised how useful they are in many other situations! The leather swaddle clips give your stroller extra allure even when used without the swaddle, they easily hold toys for your little one to look at and can hold small bags for you while shopping.


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